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Amazing Paranormal Encounters Vol. 3

ISBN-9781537218182 Published 2016 by Stellium Books

A collection of real experiences by notable paranormal personalities. 

Greg co-wrote a chapter with Jacqueline Davieau titled, "St. Joseph Hospital, Lorain, Ohio."

Amazing Paranormal Encounters Vol. 4

ISBN-9781546416203 Published 2017 by Stellium Books

Another collection of real experiences by notable paranormal personalities.

Greg wrote a chapter titled, "It's Just Eleanor."

Encounters with the Paranormal Vol. 3

ISBN-9780998164939 Published 2017 by Haunted Road Media

Real people Real stories. In this third volume, read about more haunted houses, supernatural creatures, messages from pets from the other side, haunted history, experiences during paranormal investigations, psychic experiences and more, including a dedicated section to the historic Mineral Springs Hotel.

Greg wrote a chapter titled, "The Roads Hotel."

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